Friday, March 13, 2009


The boys each had a piece of art work that they did at school on display in Memorial Hall in Pittsburg. We went to go see it and I took a picture of the boys standing in front of their artwork. Drew did one of the weavings on display. We couldn't find his so I told him we would take his picture with it again when we he brought it home.


Mommy's big girl! Yep those are big girl panties she has on!!!! You can also tell by her face that she occasionally enjoys an after dinner sucker!


Emmy's ready for summer!!!


Emily thinks she can do anything her brothers can do. She loves to look at their bikes. You can tell she wants to ride one so bad!


It's already started. Emily likes to put her bracelets on her brother.

Mom, why are letting her do this to me?


She thinks she is such a big girl!!! She loves listening to her brothers MP3 players.


I'm 4 months old today!!! I'm getting so big!!!


Doughnuts with Drew

Relaxin' with Zach

Big Brothers are GREAT!!!!


Yummy... cake!!!