Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Who is That Boy in the Window? *Sung to the tune of How Much Is That Doggie in the Window

Both Emmy and Alex roam the house day and night with only their diapers/pullups/underwear on daily.  The minute they walk in the house, the clothes come off.  In fact it is so normal for them to run around naked that when I do make them get dressed, Emily always associates it with going somewhere.  Conversations always seem to go like this.

Me:  "Emmy!!! Come on we have to get dressed."
Emmy:  "But where are we going Mommy?"
Me:  "Why do you think we are going somewhere Emmy?"
Emmy:  "Cause we are getting dressed."

It never fails.  This is always the conversation.

So that explains why Alex is only in his (well actually Emmy's) pull-up.  What I'm not sure how to explain is why he is sitting in the window. 

Oh well, I guess some people have cats that like to climb in the window.  I have a little boy named Alex!

Friday, June 25, 2010

fruit kabobs!

Today for snacks we had fruit kabobs.  Even though I have no problem getting them to eat fruit, I thought it would be something fun for them to do.  Alex was super excited.  He could hardly contain himself with all the fruit in front of him.  His little hands were in and out of those bowls so fast!

Friday, February 19, 2010

sweet dreams

Isn't he the most perfect little 14 month old you have seen lately?  I don't think I have seen one so perfect for at least 19 months, and before that it was over 7 years earlier when I had TWO perfect little 14 month olds (who incidentally slept on those same nursery rhyme sheets).  He's holding his Dalmatian puppy dog that his Aunt Jessica got himHe doesn't carry it everywhere with him (yet) but he always smiles really big when you give it to him.  He likes to snuggle with it while he watches cartoons!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Cake Balls Anyone?

We made cake balls for Valentines Day, and when I say we, I mean it turned into a family affair!!  

First I made the cake, the babies licked the bowl (and then took a bath!)

 After it cooled, I crumbled it up.  Then my sister Jessica mashed the frosting into the cake mix.  The boys helped her make the cake balls.


After they set over night I dipped them in chocolate.  They turned out MUCH better then the first batch I made last summer!


LOOK!  I even made some in the shape of a HEART!! 

*I first got this recipe when we visited family in Alabama last summer.  However, I have since come to find that these little cake balls are all the rage in the mommy blogosphere!  For the recipe and TONS of different things you can do with these cake balls, I would suggest going to this web site.   


and look under pops and bites!  

** Read the comments for LOTS of suggestions on tips and tricks for making them!

Monday, January 11, 2010

My Foray into SAHMomminess

I never intended to be a SAHM.  I'm not even sure if you would consider me a SAHM.  I mean, I do work at Wal-Mart four nights a week and I sub at least once a week.  However, the majority of my time is spent at home.  Last week I did nothing.  I didn't sub, I didn't work at Wal-Mart, I didn't clean the house, I didn't wash clothes, I did nothing. 

I think to be a SAHM you need self motivation.  I don't have self motivation.  I need someone telling me you need to do this and this is how it should be done.  Then when it's over I need them to say "Way to go!" "Great Job!"  or "What were you thinking?"  Someday (hopefully soon) I'll have my own classroom, and I know I will have to have self motivation.  But, I will also have State Standards, the Board of Education, a principal, and many others telling me what I will be teaching.

But for now, I need to work on this SAHMomminess business.  I need to become self motivated.  I need to clean, to wash clothes, to organize rooms and make meal  plans.  And maybe I'll tell my self "Way to go!"  "Great Job!" and I'm sure more times then not "What were you thinking?" 

If you don't know me, you're thinking wow she's got a handle on this.  She knows what needs to be done and she's going to do it!  If you do know me, you're probably thinking I'll believe it when I see it.  Quite frankly, I'm going with the latter.  But who knows, maybe I will surprise you, maybe I will surprise me!