Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Who is That Boy in the Window? *Sung to the tune of How Much Is That Doggie in the Window

Both Emmy and Alex roam the house day and night with only their diapers/pullups/underwear on daily.  The minute they walk in the house, the clothes come off.  In fact it is so normal for them to run around naked that when I do make them get dressed, Emily always associates it with going somewhere.  Conversations always seem to go like this.

Me:  "Emmy!!! Come on we have to get dressed."
Emmy:  "But where are we going Mommy?"
Me:  "Why do you think we are going somewhere Emmy?"
Emmy:  "Cause we are getting dressed."

It never fails.  This is always the conversation.

So that explains why Alex is only in his (well actually Emmy's) pull-up.  What I'm not sure how to explain is why he is sitting in the window. 

Oh well, I guess some people have cats that like to climb in the window.  I have a little boy named Alex!

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