Wednesday, April 8, 2009

April 1

LOOK!! I can drink from a cup!! April FOOLS!!! Gotcha!

March 30

Emily, my little fashion diva. Just don't tell her she doesn't match OR that her dress is inside out!
Is he a cutie or what?

March 29

Emmy turned 2 this year!! She had a puppy party. It's very exhausting running around making sure all the kids didn't play with her toys!!

March 27

awe what a couple of cuties!

March 21

Emmy got a new swing set for her birthday. Daddy was outside putting it together until 11 at night. Then the 3 kids bundled up and went out to swing and slipper side. She got to play on it the next day too. Then it snowed. Crazy huh?

March 14

This was one of the nicer days in March. ( you know before it snowed!) We spent all day outside. Picking up the yard and getting ready for summer. The ice cream truck came by and Emmy got a popsicle. By the time she was done, she was stained red and the popsicle had specks of dirt on it!