Friday, February 19, 2010

sweet dreams

Isn't he the most perfect little 14 month old you have seen lately?  I don't think I have seen one so perfect for at least 19 months, and before that it was over 7 years earlier when I had TWO perfect little 14 month olds (who incidentally slept on those same nursery rhyme sheets).  He's holding his Dalmatian puppy dog that his Aunt Jessica got himHe doesn't carry it everywhere with him (yet) but he always smiles really big when you give it to him.  He likes to snuggle with it while he watches cartoons!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Cake Balls Anyone?

We made cake balls for Valentines Day, and when I say we, I mean it turned into a family affair!!  

First I made the cake, the babies licked the bowl (and then took a bath!)

 After it cooled, I crumbled it up.  Then my sister Jessica mashed the frosting into the cake mix.  The boys helped her make the cake balls.


After they set over night I dipped them in chocolate.  They turned out MUCH better then the first batch I made last summer!


LOOK!  I even made some in the shape of a HEART!! 

*I first got this recipe when we visited family in Alabama last summer.  However, I have since come to find that these little cake balls are all the rage in the mommy blogosphere!  For the recipe and TONS of different things you can do with these cake balls, I would suggest going to this web site.

and look under pops and bites!  

** Read the comments for LOTS of suggestions on tips and tricks for making them!