Tuesday, October 16, 2012

School Organizer

School started out with a bang this year!  For the first time I had FOUR children in school.  That's twice as many as I'm used to.  Things were, and still are, a little crazy around here.  Before I made our school organizer though, notes were getting lost, deadlines were missed, and I was trying to explain to Emmy why she couldn't play flag football this year.  I felt so bad!!  Looking at Pinterest I saw the family binder.  I decided to make one just for the kids and all their papers.  It's working pretty well.  Notes are hole punched and go straight into the binder.  All appointments and what's going on is put on the calendar.  Here are some pictures of our School Organizer

This is the front of our binder. 

I found this calendar at Wal-Mart that already had holes punched in it.  I use it to write everything down on. In front of my calendar I have a pencil pouch that I have pens, pencils, reward stickers, dry erase markers, and post it notes, so I have everything I need to write in our binder.  I also hole punch notes that have dates and activities on them and keep them with the calendar.  I'm always afraid I've wrote down the wrong time or date, and if it's right there with the calendar, I can check it at least fifteen times a day!  Behind the calendar I have school calendars and the monthly lunch menu.  Any paper that has dates for the entire school year.

Each child has a pocket divider.  Behind the boys divider they have a daily To Do List that they check off as they go.  It includes homework, daily chores, and reading/playing their instruments 20 minutes each day.  After it is checked off, and shown to me, I put a sticker on a calendar page that is behind them.  I plan on having a reward for them if they get a sticker each day of the week.  I haven't decided what it will be yet.

Behind that I have their passwords for Powerschool and other school programs.

The last thing I have behind their divider is a baseball card sleeve, that I had from when I thought I was going to be one of those crazy coupon people!!  I use these for appointment cards.

Even though Jacob isn't in school, he has a divider with his name on it too.  I hole punch the papers I get from Parents as Teachers and put it behind his divider.

That is our School Organizer.  It has helped me, who is SUPER unorganized be a little more organized!  I'm already planning on making one for our home!